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One of our examiners has tested in five decades and has conducted more than 13000 polygraph examinations.

Our team has more than 60 years of combined experience!


Relationship and
criminal polygraph
lie-detector tests

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Thanks to an hour or so meeting with your examiner, you will have the truth about your private situation.

We don't gouge you-- and that makes some other examiners VERY mad!

Put thought into one to four questions that you would like to know the true answer to. Those questions will be the focus of the examination. The examiner will surround your questions with many others, mostly 'known truth' questions such as 'Is today Monday?'.

We will instruct your person to sit still, and to answer only with the word Yes or No. All questions will be discussed with the examinee before starting the exam, making sure that all can be answered with a solid Yes or No, thus eliminating shock, surprise or confusion.

Nervousness does NOT affect the results.

Results: If all guidelines and instructions
are followed, we can expect
approximately 95% accuracy.

In most cases, we can arrange for the
client to quietly monitor the exam.

We can contact you within
20 minutes if you call 818-883-6969
or if you send an e-mail to
(either way. include your phone number, city,
and what you need a polygraph test for.

Types of Testing:

Cheating in a relationship
Family issues - Infidelity
Alcohol use / Drug use
Theft / Robbery / Burglary

Civil and court matters
Immigration & Asylum